SPOENK* Creating Dynamic library floors

SPOENK* Creating Dynamic library floors

Op uitnodiging van de Lebanese Library Association verzorgen we deze lente in Libanon een presentatie over SPOENK* = Creating dynamic library floors for people from 0-100. Innovate your library… with curious children. Blog and presentation for the Lebanese Library Association Conference Innovative libraries. Paths to the future, Beirut May 9 - 11 2018 | Karen Bertrams, Probiblio.

شكرا على الدعوة shukraan ealaa aldaewa

 I am Karen Bertrams, library energizer from Probiblio, working with people from public libraries and their network. Thank you for inviting a librarian from a small country under the sea level in the North of Europe to this beautiful place where we are creating the future! Of course taking with us the best things we learned from our preserved past. I live in the city centre of Amsterdam where that past is all around us: the oldest house was built in 1485, so 533 years old, older than most of the people at this congress.

Our passion is bringing people and media (and that means: not only books) together in many different ways. To make people happy with the treasures they find in text and images and to empower them to express themselves in the languages they prefer. And with the media they choose. Realising that the future is now! The children form this future, they are our sources of innovation. Libraries turn out to be a fantastic platform to welcome children and their ideas to create new possibilities of developing ourselves by learning from each other.

‘How does a snake skin feel? Can I be friends with a robot? I want my library to be exciting!’ Children are curious and full of energy to discover the world. In the Netherlands, public libraries present themselves not only in buildings and at schools, but also at beaches, train stations and even Schiphol Airport.

With a vibrant network of projects we try to be there with collections and programs for people from 0-100. Organizing everything so well is in the Dutch DNA, but sometimes we forget the power of adventure! Of surprise and serendipity. And that is where SPOENK* comes in: a new word, invented by world famous children’s book
heroin Pippi Longstocking, written by Astrid Lindgren. Pippi wakes up one day and invents this new word SPOENK, only knowing ‘it cannot be a vacuum cleaner’. This power of imagination we want to wake up in every child. That is why the library floor has to be a place where anything is possible!

We are proud to present three libraries who give the best examples of how to listen to children and bring their ideas to life, no matter how wild! Have the same courage and start today! Inspire yourself with three testimonials from library experts (photo) Tineke Kistemaker (DOK Delft), Olga van Reede (De Boekenberg) and Marloes Manshanden (Westfriese bibliotheken). Watch this video.

West-Friese libraries invest money - for which you could buy a nice car - in robots Beep & Slash, and lets them make a glorious trip through schools. Children are excited to learn how to program these robots and teachers lose their fear for this 21 Century Skill alien. Now the library is super popular, they present themselves at technique festivals and a new public mixes with the regular ones. It’s a win - win!

Contact: Marloes Manshanden | mmanshanden@westfriesebibliotheken.nl | FILM

Library DOK Delft uses the opportunity of an internal relocation to completely change the way the children’s collection is presented. Together with designers and groups of children they invented a totally new library experience where adventure is around every corner. And where you get challenged to read more than you even want.

Contact: Tineke Kistemaker | T.Kistemaker@dok.info | FILM

Iconic Library De Boekenberg is a gigantic bookcase labyrinth in a glass pyramid. As if that’s not special enough, they invent events where yearly 200.000 people are attracted to. Weekends with lots of reptiles and events, Technique festival with drones flying to the top of the building, Minecraft challenges and 3D designing activities keep the people curious and off the street.

Contact: Olga van Reede | ovreede@deboekenberg.nl | FILM

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Feel free to contact Karen Bertrams, Probiblio | kbertrams@probiblio.nl

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